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YTO Group Corporation is a leading agricultural machinery and construction machinery manufacturer in China. Since our foundation in 1955, they have evolved into a comprehensive enterprise that manufactures and supplies agricultural machinery, construction machinery, power machinery, vehicles, and parts. They were the first producer of tractors, road rollers, and cross-country trucks in China, and the YTO brand has been awarded China’s Top Brand and Recommended Export Brand. Wheel tractors, crawler tractors, combine harvesters, tractor tools, road rollers, industrial bulldozers, loaders, and diesel engines are some of their primary products, which are popular with customers all over the world. We have from 30HP up to 240HP, spares and their farming implements in stock. 


CFMOTO has been all the time striving for developing, manufacturing, promoting and delivering the high-quality motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, Side-by-Side utility vehicles, powersports engines, parts, gears and accessories, which are distributed through more than 3000 companions worldwide. CFMOTO is edging into the advanced ranks in the world’s powersports industry and aims at providing high-performance products to dealers and fans globally.


Hangcha Group Co., Ltd., is one of the largest professional forklift R&D and manufacturers in China. After twice restructuring. Forklifts are mainly used for loading and unloading trucks and for carrying goods. There are extensive ranges of forklifts available which include pedestrian operated machines to heavy duty driver operated trucks. We have both hand operated and driver operated forklifts. We have electric pallet stacker and mini walking pallet truck both 1.5 ton to 2 ton. Driver operated we have from 2 ton up to 7 ton on diesel powered models and electric models we have 1.5 ton and 2 ton. We have spares and fork extensions available in stock.


SHIMGE is a listed joint-stock company specialized in the production and operation of pumps and control equipment. In the past three decades, it has been focusing on the technical research, production and marketing of pump products and control equipment, and has been devoted itself to providing the best pumps and water treatment system solutions for the world. Currently, the company has five business divisions (including submersible pump, surface pump, well pump, canned motor pump and stainless steel pump), six production bases and ten holding subsidiaries. We have the widest range of water pumps in stock.


Changchai Co., Ltd. is not only a nearly century-old national industrial enterprise, but also one of the earliest internal-combustion engine manufacturers in China. Changchai mainly produces small and medium power diesel engine and the power output ranges from 1.7kW to 80kW


HANZEL is specialized in the electric motor industry for over 25 years. Hanzel offers a wide range of electric motors from 0.09kW to 630kW. The motors are widely used in industries including fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors, and etc.


The Wuzheng Group (Shandong Wuzheng Group Co. Ltd) is an established automotive and agricultural industry leader in China. It’s main business segments are as follows: three wheel farm vehicle, light to medium truck, special utility vehicle, agricultural equipment and modern farming.


The SENCI brand has contributed to the creation and production of high quality power equipment as a professional inverter and manufacture of small-medium sized alternator and generator.


The Auto-Steering system is developed by UniStrong independently and it combines BDS/GNSS satellite high-precision positioning technology with vehicle automatic driving technology. By accurately measuring the position, heading and attitude of the vehicle, the steering angle of the vehicle is automatically controlled , and the vehicle is guided to travel strictly along a straight line or a circular route according to a previously set route. The system with the built-in-auto-steering software self-developed by UniStrong, Supports one-click upgrade and remote upgrade, intuitive map interface, rich path operation mode, comprehensive job management function, diverse fam management settings, easy-to-use automatic calibration and Real-time dynamic satellite status display and that are convenient for users to operate ad use, making agricultural operations more efficient and convenient.

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